Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Post Already

I got all my goodies mailed out today, so now my sewing is all for me!  I love the green fall fabric I used in the table runner, and decided to use the small leftover piece to make a little topper to put with my fall decorations.  I don't put out many decorations for Halloween, but I love those for fall.  Anyway, I can put this one out now and leave it until Thanksgiving weekend.  The scraps I had left were so small that I didn't keep them.  I like the fabric so much it really was hard to throw out those tiny scraps. 
What I had to work with was so small that I had to piece the green border.  But you know, my great aunt Sophie (from whom I inherited my love of quilts and quilting) pieced even the smallest blocks.  She wouldn't have thrown out my scraps.  So this little table topper is for me, in memory of Aunt Sophie, and I certainly don't mind pieced blocks. 

You may remember that in August my husband and I went on a short cruise.  While we were gone, of course, the blogs I follow just continued to pile up on my list.  I finally decided that I couldn't read them all and quit trying.  Well, guess what I missed?  I won a giveaway!  And didn't know it!  Fortunately, 7thsister26 is a very patient person, and waited for me for a month before she said anything about it on her blog.  I was so excited to get this wonderful package yesterday. 

I love all of these lovely Moda fabrics, and I can't wait to find a project to put them in.  My birthday is just before Valentines Day so this is very special to me.  Thank you so much 7thsister26!!

Note to my sister:  If you'd like to read some other lovely quilting blogs while you're here, just click on any of those listed on the right - 'My Blog List'.  They're all great.  I'm so glad you're here!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just One Finish

I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted. I've been reading blogs everyday, but just haven't wanted to write one myself.  I also haven't wanted to sew, but I've done a few things which I'll show you.  I have only 11 more pieces to make to have all the pieces made for the Dear Jane.  Then I have to start quilting it.  Maybe that's what's keeping me from finishing - I'm not looking forward to handquilting this project.  So we'll see if I get myself motivated to complete it.

What I have been sewing is a quilt for Quilt for Kids, but I'll wait to show it to you when it's complete.  The other sewing I've done is my set of blocks for a 9 patch swap at juliekquilts.  They're all set to go in the mail tomorrow.

Look at the goodies the mailman brought me this last week.  This first one is from Di.  She does beautiful embroidery, and the little snowman hanger is going to look great with the winter decorations.  Thank you so much, Di.  I'm really going to love using this sweet gift.

The next is from Pip in Australia.  It's a beautiful little woolie pincushion, scissor case, and scissor fob that she made, with the fob on the cutest little pair of Scissoroos.  The workmanship is wonderful and the mother-of-pearl buttons just really set it off.  Then everything was cushioned inside these lovely pale pink and blue fabrics.  I can't wait to find a project for them.  These little scissors are a great size for embroidery and cross stitch, so they'll be used a lot.    Thank you so much, Pip!

I realized today that the end of September is so close (can't believe it), and I don't have an OPAM finish for this month.  Okay, so everything just worked for me today - I had these wonderful new fall fabrics, the OPAM deadline is approaching, and I don't have an autumn table runner.  So my work for today was a no brainer.  I finished this table runner, including the binding.  I did minimal quilting, and may go back later and add more - we'll see.  Anyway, it's on my table and I'm counting it as a finish.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sewy Stuff

Ok, I don't know how long it's been since I last posted, so I guess it's about time.  Not much is going on here, but I'm still trying to get my DJ done.   I know, I missed my (self-imposed) deadline, but when the cruise came up, I lost a week to it.  Even though it was only a 3 day cruise, it took most of Monday to book it, Tuesday to get ready for it, Wednesday to fly to the port, Thursday through Sunday on the ship and returning home.  Anyway, excuses aside, I missed my deadline.

I've finally made a corner kite,

 and I'm still plugging along on the triangles.  These are the latest.

This is the beautiful square I received in August from monthly block swap I'm in.  It was from Lindy in Australia.  I forgot to take a picture of the one I made for her, but I really liked it. Isn't this the prettiest pattern?

I'm also working on the 6 inch blocks for the 9 patch swap.  I love the fabric and had hoped to use the scraps in one of my DJ triangles, but when I got started today, I realized that not only will I not have any scraps, but I don't have enough to complete my 78 blocks.  At least I have time to order more before the deadline. 
One other good thing this week, I won 2 giveaways!  I don't often win, but 2 in one week is great.  I'll show you when they come in.  No, it's not a GO, but that's okay; these are from bloggers that I follow, so winning them means a lot to me.