Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Again

So did you think I'd fallen off the edge of the earth?  I've been here,

spending 7 days cruising the Mexican Riviera on this wonderful ship.  The cruise was wonderful, after the first 2 days, and until the day before we returned.  We sailed from San Diego, which I understand is a sunny, southern California city.  You couldn't prove it by me.  It was cold, damp and dreary when we arrived on Friday, and even worse the next day when we boarded our ship.  We sailed on Saturday (cold) and had 2 days at sea (cold) before arriving in Mazatlan.  It was nice to finally get to some warmth.  From then, everything was so nice until our last day at sea.  Again, it was cold and the sea was rough.  After breakfast I spotted flying fish and had a great time watching for them.  I didn't realize until almost too late that I was getting seasick.  (shouldn't watch the water when the seas are rough!)  Fortunately, they keep plenty of seasick medicine onboard, and I was fine in no time. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Another Table Runner

Well, again it's taking me 2 weeks to get a posting done.  I really need to do better at this. 

In my last post I had a picture of a small quilt mat, or quiltlet as one commenter said.  I love that word, by the way.  Anyway, I've been married since 1971, and never, in all those years, has my husband voluntarily complimented anything I've made.  So I don't think I even showed this one to him.  I just put it on top of a display case in my entryway with some fall flowers and a couple of candles.  A little later he came looking for me and said he liked it, and wanted me to make a similar one for the dining table!  I was stunned!  He especially liked the green fabric.  If you remember in my last post, I used up every scrap of that green to finish that little quiltlet.  I don't have to be forced to shop for fabric, so I went to my favorite online quilt shop (Whittles) where I bought it, and it was all gone!  Fortunately, with the designer's name I could do a search and found it on another site.  So here's what I finished today, and got another compliment!!  ( Will wonders never cease?!)
I like the leaves turned rather than all lined up.

Last Thursday, I got to spend the day in Amish country with a good quilting friend.  We had so much fun.  We spent most of our time, and money, in the quilt shops, but we also enjoyed a bulk food store, a great little coffee shop, and a wonderful buffet lunch.  I was very good, and bought only a little fabric, including the pretty red for the Maple Leaf blocks in the new table runner.  I found some fat quarters for a dollar each,  and spent a few dollars on some.  I also found some good quilting needles.  I know I have a lot of hand quilting ahead with the DJ, but I can't seem to force myself to get those last pieces done.  Got any good ideas on how to get motivated?