Thursday, July 30, 2009

Busy Sewing Day

Wednesday is the day that I spend playing cards, so I didn't get anything done in my sewing room. But today, I was able to spend most of the day sewing, and made a lot of progress on two projects. I got a lot of the cutting done for the Signature Quilt block exchange. I cut all the background fabric squares, and realized I don't have nearly enough. Oh well, one more trip to the quilt shop. What a horrible prospect! (I don't know how I'd get through the week without at least one trip to look at fabric.)

I made a couple of blocks and realized how much waste there would be from all those little triangles being cut off 2 corners of each block. I decided to sew them up into squares, but after doing those first four, I knew it was going to be a real chore. So, since I have to draw a line down through the center of each square anyway, I could just draw a parallel line 1/2 inch away. Then just sew them on both lines and cut them apart.
Worked like a charm, and with just a little extra effort, I have 72 of these cute little blocks. I'm not sure what I'll use them for, but possibly a pieced border for this quilt? I'll see later.

I made about 36, and wanted to do something else. The Scrappy Christmas blocks are due (Sept 1) long before the CW Sig blocks and I hadn't even started them. The sample block I made didn't come close to the required measurement, so after I found where I made my mistake, I got busy and got them all done through the first round. I think I'm going to like them, and I hope those who receive them in the swap like them as well. I'll post a picture when they're done.

On Monday I promised myself that I would make at least one of the squares (circles?) for my Double Wedding Ring quilt each day. Otherwise, with all the other projects I have underway, it will never get done. I started it in April and so far, don't have even one row done. So anyway, I made one on Monday and Tuesday, but none yesterday and today. Now after only 4 days, I'm two blocks behind. 3 blocks tomorrow?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Signature quilt swap

Since I first found quilt block swaps in February, I have been well and thoroughly hooked. I'm signed up for the Disappearing 9-patch swap at Aunt Pitty Pat's, the Scrappy Christmas block at Modernjax, the Summer Mini Quilt swap at Quilter's Gallery, the Signature block swap at Cornbreadandbeans, and 2 swaps on Swap Bot. (Sorry, I'm still too new at this to know how to link to the blogs, but I'll learn how.) So, yesterday I went to the quilt shop to find the Civil War reproduction fabrics for the sig block. I've never used CW fabrics before, and I was really surprised at how beautiful they are. In the shop they seemed drab, but when I got them home, the colors just popped. Aren't they gorgeous?

I think they'll make a beautiful quilt. The swap is for 70 blocks, which will be a good beginning for a quilt. After getting such beautiful treasures, imagine my surprise to find a package for me when we got home. It's a gorgeous mini quilt from the Spring Mini Quilt swap. Isn't it beautiful? It was made for me by Bonnie at Bonnie's Bits and Pieces, and I have found the perfect place to display it. In addition to the quilt, she also sent 2 pieces of wonderful fabric. I'm already planning how to use them.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Latest Quilt

This is the latest big quilt I've completed as a gift for my daughter. It was started at a retreat last fall, and since I'm a hand quilter, it wasn't finished until April this year. It's queen size, spread across a king size bed to show the whole thing. I know it has mistakes in it, but I love it and so does my daughter.
My current 'big quilt' is a Double Wedding Ring for our KS bed. It's a lot more work than I anticipated. Wish me luck.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome ABCs of Me

I've been reading several blogs where a list was posted, the ABC's of Me. What an easy way to introduce myself. This, of course, is my first post and I really had no idea how to get it started.
A Age - 63
B Bed size - king. This is the first house I've lived in that has a bedroom big enough to really accommodate a bed that big.
C Chore you hate - Cleaning bathrooms
D Dog's name - none
E Essential 'start your day' - shower then a cup of tea
F Favorite color - purple, all shades, followed by blue, green, etc., etc.
G Gold or silver - gold
H Height - about 5' 6"
I Instruments you play - piano
J Job title - retired college registrar
K Kids - Eric, Sarah, Micah
L Living arrangements - live with hubby in a house that's rapidly getting too big for us
M Mom's name -Edna
N Nicknames - none
O Overnight hospital stays (except when giving birth) - I don't really remember how many times, but increasing as I age
P Pet peeve - being lied to
Q Quote from a movie - I tend not to pay close enough attention to really remember a quote
R Right or left handed? Right
S Siblings - 2 older sisters, 2 younger sisters and 1 younger brother
T Time you wake up - 7:00 a.m.
U Underwear? What kind of question is this????? sure
V Vegetable you dislike - I absolutely love veggies and only truly dislike okra
W Workout style - walking
X Rays you've had - teeth, mammogram, back, wrist, chest
Y Yesterday's best moments - dinner with my grandson
Z Zoo favorites - elephants