Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome ABCs of Me

I've been reading several blogs where a list was posted, the ABC's of Me. What an easy way to introduce myself. This, of course, is my first post and I really had no idea how to get it started.
A Age - 63
B Bed size - king. This is the first house I've lived in that has a bedroom big enough to really accommodate a bed that big.
C Chore you hate - Cleaning bathrooms
D Dog's name - none
E Essential 'start your day' - shower then a cup of tea
F Favorite color - purple, all shades, followed by blue, green, etc., etc.
G Gold or silver - gold
H Height - about 5' 6"
I Instruments you play - piano
J Job title - retired college registrar
K Kids - Eric, Sarah, Micah
L Living arrangements - live with hubby in a house that's rapidly getting too big for us
M Mom's name -Edna
N Nicknames - none
O Overnight hospital stays (except when giving birth) - I don't really remember how many times, but increasing as I age
P Pet peeve - being lied to
Q Quote from a movie - I tend not to pay close enough attention to really remember a quote
R Right or left handed? Right
S Siblings - 2 older sisters, 2 younger sisters and 1 younger brother
T Time you wake up - 7:00 a.m.
U Underwear? What kind of question is this????? sure
V Vegetable you dislike - I absolutely love veggies and only truly dislike okra
W Workout style - walking
X Rays you've had - teeth, mammogram, back, wrist, chest
Y Yesterday's best moments - dinner with my grandson
Z Zoo favorites - elephants

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