Thursday, April 22, 2010

Caught Up

Although I signed up for it, and have had the Jelly Roll Quilt along button on my blog since it first started, I hadn't finished any of the blocks until today.  I got the center of the first one finished and couldn't decide what to use for the background fabric.  It took me weeks to settle on a very plain cream fabric.  I'm not using a jelly roll, but rather fabrics from my stash.  (I'm determined to whittle it down!)  Anyway, I finished the first four and now I'm caught up. 

As I said, I'm determined to whittle down my stash and have been looking for ways to do so.  Quite by chance I was checking out something on Nancy Zieman's site, and came across the Creative Kindness section which gives information about Little Dresses for Africa.  It's such a simple little pattern, takes very little time to make, and is such a worthy cause.  I've completed one, and have the fabric cut for 6 more.  This fabric has been sitting around for months and years, and to me, this seems like a wonderful way to use it up.  My plan is to make 5 or 6 at a time and send in a package once a month.  As another benefit, it will also give me OPAM completions!  Does anyone want to join me in this?


Terry said...

Well done to get caught up like that! Just in time for the new block that will come out on Monday! :0)

Needled Mom said...

Great job. I just finished up my last block today. Yours look awesome.

Pat said...

A gal at our quilt guild showed us one of those completed dresses today and gave us the info about the project...very worthwhile and the dress looks very simple to make. Love your "non-jelly-roll" blocks!!!

andsewon said...

Nice to be caught up. Your blocks look wonderful, jelly roll or not! I have a pal who has been doing some dresses too. Feels good to share our blessings with others!

Dena said...

Great job on getting caught up! I love your fabric palette.

seventhsister26 said...

Working down the stash seems to be a common theme lately;) I am checking out that little dresses link.
Happy Quilting!!

Lori said...

I am gonna checkout the link. Another great way to use up stash!
Thanks fo sharing.

searchfamilies said...

I think most of us could do projects or swaps just from our stash
nice work as usual well done
Hugs Janice