Sunday, December 13, 2009

Poor Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree in my family room is sick.  Maybe H1N1?  Last night I noticed that there was a 6 inch band around the middle of the tree where there were no lights.  I didn't like it, but I figured I could put up with it.  Then today, the infection had spread to a band about a foot wide.  This afternoon, the very top of the tree had lost its lights.  By early evening, the band around the middle had become about 18 inches wide.  It's so sad looking.  I guess I'll have to do some light replacement therapy.  (Sorry the picture's so bad; photography isn't one of my strengths.)

I knew when I decorated this tree that this would probably be the last year for these lights.  They're really unusual.  The tip of the light is red and the bottom is white, not clear, white.  It's the softest light, and different from any I've ever seen.  Two of the sets wouldn't light this year, and when I tried to test the lights in a set that was working, none of the lights I checked would work.  Is it possible that all the lights just burned out at once? 
But that brings us to the next problem.  By this time in December, there are hardly any light sets available.  We finally found some clear with white wires, and I figured that I could switch some out with red ones that I have that are on green wires.  Unfortunately, the lights from all my red sets don't fit the new ones.  I can't seem to win with this.  So, tomorrow, I'll check just one more place, then do some redecorating.  Just one more small item on my lengthy to do list.


Needled Mom said...

Oh dear.....I hate to undecorate a tree just to redo it again!!!! Have you tried one of those light guns? You just plug your lights into it, click it three times and BAM....they work again.

Pat said...

We use that kind of light gun...and it helps tremendously to locate the bad bulb(s)......but I'm not sure it works with specialty-type lights and yours sound like they are a special type of light. Good luck with your quest for new lights.

Linda B said...

How sad. Sounds like some very unusual, pretty lights you are losing.
I had to add a string of lights after the entire tree was decorated. Not easy, but I succeeded.

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

oh no, I have a pre lit tree and noticed once it was up and decorated a strand is out, oh well....I left it alone. I hope you find some lights.

Janet, said...

I think your tree looks pretty, even without all the lights. I can't understand why you can't find lights in the store,tho, we bought a bunch last year on clearance. They were ones that hadn't sold. Good luck. Glad to hear there's not as much snow there. My son lives in Parkersburg and had to go out to work early this morning.