Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Normal Again

Life has been a little topsy turvy lately, but I'm still here, sewing as much as I can.  But, starting last Wednesday, we spent a lot of time celebrating the marriage of a friend's daughter.  It was an Indian wedding, and the celebrations go on for days.  Wednesday was a dinner at the home of the bride's parents to meet all of the family members who had come long distances to the wedding.  Thursday was a luncheon for the ladies, where the decoration of the bride was taking place.  If you click on the picture, you can see how intricate the designs are on her hands.  Unfortunately, you can't see the foot that's completed. 
There was also a second young lady who decorated the hands of the guests, of course not nearly as complex as those for the bride.  The designs are done with henna, and last for as much as two weeks.  This is my hand, with my design slowly fading away.
Thursday was a second dinner party at the home of the bride, and Friday a dinner at the hotel where the wedding was to be held.  Saturday, after a breakfast for all the guests, was a Catholic wedding, followed by lunch, and then mid afternoon, the Hindu ceremony.  Early evening was a cocktail hour followed by dinner and reception.  It was an amazing, beautiful, wonderful, exhausting 4 days!

So in the sewing time I've had, this is what I've been doing.  I've started on the triangles for the DJ quilt, and have completed 4 so far. 

When I made the blocks, I just picked any one of them to make, but with the triangles, I'm going straight around, just as they're printed in the book.  They haven't been too hard yet, (and not as wonky as they look in the pics),  but I'm only on the fifth one. 


Pat said...

Your triangles look very good. As for the wedding, I've always been fascinated by the decorating of the hands, but I have no idea why that is done. Are you able to explain it to me? I"m glad you had such a nice time with all the wedding-related festivities.

seventhsister26 said...

Enjoy your excursion into the harder looking blocks...you are going to love all your effort when it's done;)
The wedding thing sounds like it was fun.
Happy Quilting!!