Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Funday

I've received my partner's name for the Friendship Bag swap. Now I need to go find some new fabric. I don't want to do this from my stash. I've been through it so much in the last few weeks that nothing in it looks like anything I want to use. Reason enough to go fabric shopping!

What a wonderful day I'm having! It's involved lots of sewing and .......NO HOUSEWORK. Not because my house is all clean. Far from it. But I just decided I wasn't going to do anything else today but sew.

So, here's my progress; 36 more Civil War siggie blocks (which of course means 72 more cute little extra blocks), one more Double Wedding Ring circle, and then I wanted to do something different. And strange as it may seem, I found another UFO which I hadn't seen in months. I had put it all together once and didn't like the way it turned out, so I ripped it apart and promptly put it out of my mind. It was 'new' enough to me to be something different to do, and I got it all put back together. How do you like it?

The pattern was to make either a tree skirt or a table cover. Of course, you can see that I set out to do the latter. Now I can't decide... I'm going to set it out and look at it for a few days before I make up my mind. Not too long, though, or it will still be on the UFO list in January.

It seems the more cleaning out I do, the more unfinished projects I find. I have at least 2 that my mother started (crewel embroidery) and, would you believe, 2 that my grandmother started. It's really pretty embroidery on satin with silk thread, ribbons, and textured paint. They're quite lovely, and if I ever get the courage, I may try to finish them. Does it sound like starting too many projects runs in the genes? I have inherited UFOs.

For all my small group of followers, I will soon publish my 20th post, and I have a great giveaway for one of you. I'll tell you more about it later.


Needled Mom said...

I really like the UFO. I think I would use it as the tree skirt rather than the table topper. The colors look great.

I'd love to see pictures of the stitchery from your grandmother. It sounds gorgeous. What would you do with it when you finish it?

Dena said...

I think that would make an excellent little table cover to brighten up the holidays... which are quickly approaching.

I got my Friendship Bag Swap partner today too. I'll have to go to the fabric store to get something because like you, I don't want to use anything from my stash.

You had left a comment on my blog about my sewing room. If your interested, you can read the posts I did on my sewing room. There are tons of pictures with a description of my organizing methods. On the left-hand side, scroll down to Labels and click on Sewing Room.

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I love pretty. I too got my swap partner's name. Norway....go figure. I always seem to get someone overseas. I think next time, I'll say no shipping overseas. lol....

Sue Cahill said...

It can be truely enlightening going through UFO's - some real tresures and some really yawners can be revealed. I am always surprised what I've forgotton I had started and what I liked in the past.