Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quitters and Procrastinators

In cleaning my sewing room this weekend, I realized just how many UFOs I have. I really need to come up with a plan of how to get them completed. I haven't even looked at some of them in years, so they were quite a surprise. Anyway, this is my (far from complete) list: redwork with alternating 9-patch (qs), winning hand (qs), Jacob's Fan (qs), scrappy 9-patch (qs), Tennessee Waltz (qs), numerous seasonal wall hangings. I also have more cross stitch than I can remember. They're easy to carry along, so one goes with me on all trips.

I guess first I want to complete my Double Wedding Ring quilt. I was able to spend a couple of hours on it today, and now have all the circles done for one row! They're not all joined, but when I lay them out I love 'em. At least, now that I'm on the 2nd row, each circle only requires 2 (football? melon?) patches to complete it. Also, since I'm participating in the Civil War Signature block swap, the Scrappy Christmas block swap, 4 Seasons Holiday mini swap, Disappearing 9-patch block swap, Friendship bag swap, I definitely want to get those done. In addition, I want to start a Dear Jane quilt. Do you think I just might be slightly over-extended? One good thing about the swaps is that they have definite deadlines, so that extra pressure is helpful to me, a perennial procrastinator.

I wanted to finish up my Summer Mini Quilt today, but yesterday I broke my right thumbnail (doing housework! another reason not to do it), and had to cut it off really short. Anyway, it's so short it hurts to try to pull the needle through the fabric. Another day or so and it'll be fine.
Nothing new to show you today, so I'll show you what I call my 'nap quilt'. I started it several years ago, almost finished it, then just quit on it. I folded it over the back of my bedroom chair and just left it. I even used it once in awhile since all it really needed was to quilt the last border and bind it. The quilting is only stitch in the ditch and cross hatching, and it only took a few hours to complete. It made me wonder why in the world I hadn't done it sooner. It's made in my favorite colors. The original pattern was for a lap quilt so when I saw how small that actually was, I just kept adding borders until I got it to the size I wanted. It didn't turn out too badly, and even so, it's for me and I like it.


Pat said...

I really like your NAP quilt. Don't even get me started on UFO's......LOL

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I love your nap quilt. It's funny to hear of everyone's UFO's. I thought I was the only one that started things and didn't finish.

Barb said...

I am laughing to myself.....don't come and look at my sewing room and all the UFO's hanging around waiting for me to complete them. Good luck with you list.

Tea Time Consultants said...

The borders are beautiful! Great colors. Come by for a visit sometime.

True Blue Nana said...

You have convinced me of one thing-don't clean out your sewing room!!

Dena said...

Quilters aren't prograstinators, we're over-achievers! LOL

Love your nap quilt.