Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Phantom

Our neighborhood has a "Phantom" during the Halloween season who leaves goodies on the porch.  Each person who gets a bag, basket, crock, etc. of goodies is then supposed to do the same for 2 other houses.  This year we got the neatest covered plastic Halloween basket filled with candy and lots of little goodies.  The best thing of all (besides the candy!) is a small luminary with a battery tealight.  Really cute. Last year I prepared baskets of pumpkin muffins with ginger honey butter, but when we went looking for  houses to leave them, they had all been hit already.  This year, though, there aren't as many houses with the signs up that show they've been hit, so they must have started the swap much later than usual.  I think I'll just make the same thing this year and try to get them out tomorrow evening after Trick or Treat. 

So, guess who won a pile of fqs playing Bingo?  I couldn't believe it when my last number was the one that was posted!  There were 2 of us who won, but I certainly don't mind sharing.  I can't wait to get them to show you. 

I'm having lots of fun with my DJ blocks, and finished 3 today.  I'm working on some applique while I watch tv this evening, so I might actually finish a 4th block.  Sorry, no pictures, though.  I'm just too lazy to walk back upstairs tonight.


Barb said...

That sounds like alot of fun...and congrats on your win.

Needled Mom said...

I love that idea. At what point does it stop as I can see it going on forever? Do you put a sign up on your door once you have been tagged? Sooo cute!

tango's trash & treasures said...

That's a great idea!! Can you give more directions??

searchfamilies said...

What a great fun idea
Hugs Janice