Thursday, October 8, 2009

Posting the Swaps

Today was a mailing day I decided, so I took my stuff and stood in line at the PO for half an hour in order to get it mailed. It's so frustrating.  There's never more than one person to assist customers, and the line is often (as today) out the door.  I've tried the main PO in town, and it's just the same as the one I normally use.  There's a small country PO several miles away, and I'm going to try it next time.   But enough griping.  I've put 4 packages in the mail, so my swap obligations are met for a few more days. 

I've sent out my apron for Aunt Pitty Pat's swap, and I absolutely love the fabrics.  It didn't dawn on me to make anything other than a granny apron, but not everybody is as messy as I and wouldn't want the bib part.  Too late now - it's finished and on its way.

I had quite a bit of left over fabric, and today got busy and started a set of place mats.  I didn't have quite enough, and remembered the quilt that my great aunt made for me when I was a child.  It's a DWR and even with those tiny little pieces, she 'pieced the pieces'.  She didn't waste any scrap of fabric.  Anyway, I decided that since these are just for me, it would be perfectly fine to 'piece the pieces' where necessary.  I didn't have enough large pieces of the gold fabric, so you can see the seam down the middle of one - there are actually several that have been pieced.  I also added the 4 patches for the same reason.  I had to get more fabric for the backing and the side strips, but I like they way they're turning out.  I only did some cross hatch quilting, and got the first one this far.  They're all to the flimsy stage and shouldn't be difficult to finish tomorrow.  Sorry the pictures are such poor quality - I am no photographer.


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

great the place mats.

Pat said...

About placemats....when dishes are on them, nobody sees if the middle is pieced or not!!! So....just enjoy all the pretty fabrics you used in them...I like how they are coming along so far. Cute aprons, too.