Sunday, March 14, 2010

Red White and Blue No Sew Swap

It looks like we'll have enough folks to participate in the Red White and Blue No Sew Swap, so I've been working on some guidelines.  This is a great way to swap, because you will prepare only one type of block, but you don't need to sew them. That will be done by the recipients.

Sign ups will be open until March 19.   You may sign up by leaving me a comment on this post.

Each participant will choose a 12 inch star pattern from Quilters Cache. Please remember that we have all skill levels of quilters in the group, so look carefully at the difficulty level of the block. Pick a block that has 1 or 2 pins (denoting the difficulty level), no paper piecing, no applique, and is a traditional block design. The original designs are marked with a star, and the traditional designs say so at the bottom of the instruction page.

When you've chosen a star, let me know and I'll keep the group updated with those already picked.

Use good quality fabrics, and try not to introduce any color other than red, white and blue. 

Cut your fabrics accurately, and be sure to cut off the selvedge before you cut the pieces.  Remember....... the Supplies List on the last page of the block you chose is all the cutting you need to do.  If there is further cutting during the sewing process, each person will do the rest of the cutting on their own by following the instructions for the block.

To test your pieces, make up your own block to be sure that it fits together well.  When you're satisfied with your blocks, put each one in a baggie. Enclose a card with the name of the block so that the recipient will be able to look up the instructions.

Mail the baggies to me, along with a self addressed envelope with postage put on it in stamps, not a printed label. The deadline for me to receive your package is April 16. When I have received all of them, I will sort them and mail you a package containing one of each of the baggies.

For all of you who have contacted me about the swap, I will send you an email to confirm that you still want to participate.


Linda B said...

I have chosen the Brasstown Star to do for my block. I love doing these no sew exchanges.

jan said...

OMG I have chosen a star that has applique on it, I didn't know the rules when I chose it. I will change it. straight away. I am soooo sorry.

Robin said...

Is there still room to get in on this swap. I love no sew swaps.

Valrie said...

What an intricate pattern.I am in Sandi's bunny hop and wanted to stop by for a visit. HOP over to me now for a visit!


lisa said...

is it too late for me to join in?