Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Blahs

The last of the leftovers are finally either eaten or thrown away.  I'm ready for new food!  DS2 has gone back to school, and the house again has just us two old farts rattling around in it.  Thanksgiving is truly over.
I have the first tree up and the lights are turned on.  If I have the energy, I'll go decorate it this evening.  But it is evening, isn't it?  Well, maybe it won't get decorated today.  You can tell I have a lot of 'get up and go' today.
The only sewing that has been done in the last 2 days was a little project for DS2's girlfriend, and some sweatshirt repair.  No progress on any other projects...maybe tomorrow.


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

leftovers all gone here as well, thank goodness. I was getting tired of turkey.


Hey -- turn on some good Christmas music and that will get you in the decorating mood--it always works for me--most of the time anyways--my sewing other than the hand quilting on the November Schibbles quilt is on hold til the decorating is done--I have been at it for 3 days--we have made progress--but it is not done--yet--tomorrow--like you said--tomorrow we will have more time and energy and excitement about the holiday--right???/
Hugs, Di

Pat said...

I have those days where I say, "My get up and go just got up and WENT!" It's just us two old farts here now, too. LOL

Barb said...

Maybe up a bit and tomorrow will bring adventures in the sewing room