Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Project

Hubby and I went out to lunch at a new Mexican restaurant in town.  What a nice treat, but a really heavy meal for the middle of the day. We'll just have salad for supper.
I was able to spend a lot of time in the sewing room today, continuing the work on the Double Wedding Ring quilt.  I have enough made now that I'm really getting excited to complete it.  There's no rushing it, though, or I'll have way too many mistakes.  It just takes a lot of time, a lot of patience, as well as a lot of pins!  As soon as I get more sewed together, I'll post a progress picture.
Since most of my packages this week contained fabric for the Red and Aqua D9P block swap, I decided to get started on mine.  I did a lot of cutting, and sewed up 8 blocks, which of course makes 32 D9Ps.  So, I have a third of mine completed.  The aqua predominates in these, so the next ones I'll make red the dominant color.  I need to go buy more red, though. (Woe is me, another fabric shopping trip.) I've never worked with this color combination before, but it looks pretty good. (Sorry the colors in the picture aren't very good.)

I also started my first applique Dear Jane blocks, which I'll show when completed.  Hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend.


searchfamilies said...

It nice to get to spend a day sewing looking forward to seeing you DJ hope you have a good day
Hugs Janice

Amanda said...

I'm in this swap, too! I love the fabrics you chose!