Monday, September 28, 2009

Sewing Machine Adventures

I finally took my sewing machine to the shop this afternoon, and I was feeling such separation anxiety!  I had all these horrible visions of being without it for weeks.  After I got home I set up my backup machine and sewed a couple of DWR seams.  I'm going to have to take it all back out because I just couldn't get the seams to the same size.  Anyway, 2 hours after I got home they called from the shop that the machine was ready!!  I couldn't believe it.  As soon as I got it home, I got right to work, and it's making a horrible noise now. It's also still breaking threads, although this time it's in the upper part of the machine, not in the bobbin.  So it's still broken.  On a happier note, my bobbin winder was broken and has been for more than a year. I didn't bother to get it fixed since it happened right around the time that the Side Winder came out, and I've used one since.  It's fixed now and winds the bobbin so much better than what I've been using.  A little good, still a lot bad.  At least I can still use it carefully until I have to take it back in.

Look what the mailman brought me today?  It's a cute little wallhanging I won in a giveaway at Tonya's.  I just love it and plan to put it up in my sewing room to remind me of the friends I've made in blogland.  Thanks, Tonya.

This morning before I took the machine in, I made a block I needed to do for a September swap.  I almost forgot.  Thank goodness for lists.  It's now finished and in the mail.


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

Your welcome! Your a great blogging friend!

Pat said...

I'm sorry to hear your machine was, supposedly, fixed yet is still broken. I like your block, though!

Dena said...

I'm sorry to hear you're sewing machine is still not stitching correctly. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. On a better note, congratulations on your giveaway win over at Tonya's blog!

searchfamilies said...

Sorry about your machine.
What a lovely win very nice also your block
Hugs Janice

searchfamilies said...

Hi posting here i e-mailed you a few times & they are being returned undelivered just letting you know
Hugs Janice

andsewon said...

Sorry about your machine. Hope you can get it fixed right next time.
Love your pieced block though!!!

belinda said...

Hello...just thought I would come over and see what's going on!! There seems to be a lot of quilty
goodness taking place.
Oh those 'arcs' always looked hard
to me...what discipline you must have!!