Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rainy Saturday

We woke up this morning to rain - a typical fall day.  We decided to postpone the chipmunk hunt until the rain is gone.  The temperature and humidity levels are so nice that we can leave the doors and windows open to let the cool air inside.  I love the sounds from outside.  We have a lot of trees in our backyard and even beyond, so we have a lot of birds and see a lot of deer, rabbits, squirrels.  Of course, it's the wooded area that has brought the little beasties to my house.  Can't have everything, I guess.

Yesterday I tried to make a DJ block, and had so much trouble with it that I finally left it to complete today.  This morning I tried again, and failed again.  I struggled with it for more than an hour and couldn't get it.  Finally, I measured all the pieces, threw away the ones that didn't 'measure up', and put the rest away - a project for another day.  I spent the rest of the morning finishing up my swap apron.  Now I really want to keep it.  I'll give it though, and make one for myself.  I'll mail it on Monday, and show it to you later in the week.

So this afternoon, I watched the old John Wayne "Alamo", and worked on the DWR lower arcs.  The top arcs have to have the center melon shape attached, and the bottoms have to have the 2 corner stones.  All of them now have at least 1 corner, and that took almost 3 hours.  Slowly, the piles are moving from one stage to another.  I haven't made anymore circles for several days, but the day will come when they'll just be done!


Needled Mom said...

The weather sounds delightful. I can't wait to see th eapron swap apron.

Pat said...

Now you didn't really mean you keep the doors TOTALLY open, did you? If so, you are giving the little "chippies" easy access to your house!!! LOL

searchfamilies said...

It best when things are not going right to leave them.
My favourite John Wayne film is The Quiet Man
Hugs Janice