Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sewing and Visiting

Today I went to a stitching get together.  Well, mostly visiting and eating, with stitching if you happened to bring it along.  Since I don't have much that's portable right now, I visited.  I did take some friendship blocks and got a few signatures.  I have to tell you, they look great, almost like the swap button on my sidebar.
As far as my machine woes are concerned, I changed to a new kind of thread and the machine immediately sounded better, and believe it or now, it worked better.  I was amazed.  That doesn't solve the problem completely, because I still get breakage, but now I can predict when it will happen.  So, no matter what, it's going to have to go to the repairman. Bummer.

After I returned home, I worked on the Red and Aqua swap blocks.  I now have half of my blocks finished.  I lost interest in making them, though, so I worked on the Dear Jane project.  I actually have 13 blocks completed. I'm doing it in Civil War reproduction fabrics, but I'm already thinking about doing a second one in some other kind of fabric.  (Can you believe it; second one when I've barely scratched the surface of the first one?)  I've looked at so many of them on the web, and they're all just gorgeous.

Guess what?  This is my 40th post.  I should have had a giveaway.  I'll plan one for the 50th post, so stay tuned.


Barb said...

I thought the signature block would be good for a wedding quilt, to have it outside the reception? What do you think? question, how do I make one? I love yours.

Mel said...

Hi! I'm in the sig swap and the red and aqua swap too!

Looks like you are busy!

Pat said...

I hope your machine problem is just caused by the thread.....your signature blocks are going to make a nice quilt.

searchfamilies said...

Like the signature blocks, glad that you managed to get some sewing done sorry that it still has to go in i guess we tend to forget how much we use our machines
Hugs Janice