Friday, September 25, 2009

Unwelcome Guests

Over the last few weeks we've been hearing noises in the evening in the space between the first and second floors of our house.  We really think it's a chipmunk, because we've seen them on the side of the house.  The first time, I was talking to my GS at the front door, and one fell on the porch between us.  It was able to walk away, but I've never seen on move so slowly.  Not long after that we started to hear the noises inside.  We've tried using the electronic devices that are supposed to drive them away, but I've still heard the scratching of little feet.  One went shooting across so fast it ran into the metal can lights that are in our family room ceiling.  Needless to say, one of us has to go.  I can't stand the thought of sharing my house with a rodent of any sort. We've bought a trap which we'll set tonight and see what happens.  The exterminator said the only thing to do with chipmunks is to trap them.  One site on the internet says that if you want to release them you need to take them at least 5 miles away.  Another said to take them across a body of water.  Well, since I live next to the Ohio River and the Little Kanawha River, we may be taking a ride over the river with our furry guests. Wherever, I just want them out of my house!!

I started my apron for the apron swap at Aunt Pitty Pat's.  I love the fall colors, and I think the design will look good.  I can't show you yet, because the swap is really for Halloween, and my partner and I had both stated a preference for an autumn apron.  So, since she and I are the only ones, I'll have to wait until she has it. So here's just a peek at the fabrics I'm using.

I worked on the DWR quilt until my back gave out.  The piles are slowly moving from piles of arcs to piles of 'football' shapes.  I haven't completed any rings for awhile; I'm just trying to get everything to those last steps.  In addition, I worked a little on the Red and Aqua D9P blocks, and now have 72 complete.  This is going to be a good sized package to mail.

Also completed one Dear Jane block.  I really like doing them, and I hope you like looking at them.


Pat said...

I'd feel just like you about the chimpunks...and I'd want to move out until they were gone!! Nice work you have shown today on your post.

blushing rose said...

They certainly are annoying. Our dau guinea pigs got loose & we never did find those rascals. I don't like critters!

TY for sharing. Have a beautiful weekend. tTFN ~Marydon

Linda B said...

I can just see you driving across the river with Chip and Dale chattering away by your side. Those little stinkers can be so cute, but such pests.
Hey, love what you are doing with EVERYTHING.

Needled Mom said...

How frustrating it is to have unwanted house guests. Hope you can eliminate them soon.

I want to see more of the apron. Guess I'll have to wait.

Barb said...

love the fall colors too...

searchfamilies said...

I wouldn't want to know that i had lodgers rent free staying either lol
Love your DJ block very nice well done
Hugs Janice